How To: Throw a frisbee the correct way

Throw a frisbee the correct way

This is a demonstration of how to throw the frisbee the correct way.The idea of frisbee developed in a college campus in 1920 where students use to throw empty pie tins after eating the pie made by Frisbee Pie Company.Frisbees are available in the retail market for about $3.00.The convex side of the frisbee has ribs and edge is rounded.The frisbee is held in the palm with the thumb on top,over the ribbed portion,the index finger is kept along the edge and rest three fingers below into the concave portion.The feet of the thrower are kept 18" to 24" apart,the imaginary line joining the tip of the toes in the direction of throw.The throw is achieved by snap straightening of the forearm and giving a spin to the disc.The throw is taken from the hip level and the disc is thrown at 10 to 25 degrees upward from the horizontal.

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